St Joseph's Church, Seascale
Parish in the RC Diocese of Lancaster

Local Mass Times

 SeascaleEgremont Cleator
 Sunday 9:00 am
 11:00 am
 10:30 am &  5:30 pm
 MondayMorning Prayer 9:30 am
Morning Prayer 9:00 am
 9:10 am
 Tuesday - 12:00 noon
 9:10 am
 Wednesday Morning Prayer 9:00am,
Mass 9:10 am
 12:00 noon
 7:00 pm
 Thursday - 9:15 am
 9:10 am
 Friday Morning Prayer 9:30 am
 9:15 am
 9:10 am
Saturday -5:45 pm (Vigil)
9:10 am & 7:00 pm (Vigil)

Holy Days

 EVEAs announcedVigil 7:00 pmVigil 7:00 pm
 As Announced
 9:15 am
 9:15 am & 7:00 pm

As Announced
Sat 11-12:00 am
Sat 7:00 pm
 Telephone019467 2873101946 44065901946 810324

St Joseph's Church

Postal address:

St. Joseph’s, Gosforth Road, Seascale, Cumbria, CA20 1PS 


019467 28731  

Non-resident priest:

currently vacant



Have you given up on the church - any church - or has someone you know broken away?

Perhaps by now the reasons have lost some of their force or could be corrected.  We should like to know how organised religion has let you down; if you feel like renewing contact without commitment, making a new one, or simply airing a grouse, why not e-mail St Joseph's Seascale?
No need to give a name, a return address is enough.

We don't expect to solve instantly problems that could have developed over decades, but we do promise:-

    to consider messages as seriously and sympathetically as our own failings and limitations allow;
    to treat any personal content as confidential; and
    to reply without attempting more personal contact than you yourself may suggest.

You may like to see the special Seascale text of Stations of the Cross.